Sunday Blessings 166

(1) Getting my prize in the mail. Thanks Krafty Kash!!

(2) Glorious Spring weather

(3) Talking to my fave on the phone

(4) Voxing with KA

(5) Starbucks Iced cinnamon Almond macchiato

(6) Enjoying a gorgeous 70 degree day

(7) Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

(8) Binge listening to some awesome podcasts.

(9) Finally watching Finding Dory

(10) A text from my aunt and uncle because they saw me on the news.

(11) A great meeting with awesome colleagues.

(12) A short PLN

(13) Sweet little ones wanting to share with me this am.

(14) Tackling Mt Laundry

(15) Compliments on my devotion from each other.

(16) Tons of people asking me if they saw me on the news last night.

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