Sunday Blessings 165

(1) Zumba with my fave crew 
(2) It was for a sad reason but getting to see so many of my camp friends I haven’t seen in ages. I ❤ these people so much.
(3) 60 degree weather–Spring definitely feels like it’s in the air!
(4) Candles for when the electricity goes out.
(5) Caribou Coffee Mint Condition Mocha
(6) A call from my momma 
(7) New LaCroix Water Flavors–Apricot and Passion Fruit 
(8) An offer of a ticket to go to the symphony! Sad that it didn’t work out, but next time for sure. Thanks for thinking of me, MH!!
(9) Awesome Blue Apron meals 
(10) Finishing the book “What Falls From the Sky!” by Esther Emery! Thanks for sharing this book with me, AR!
(11) 60 degrees–glorious!!!
(12) Caribou Coffee’s Mint Condition Mocha 
(13) Great first communion class and milestone 
(14) A beautiful PLN

(15) A sweet compliment from a parishioner today. 

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