Sunday Blessings 164

(1) A beautiful day

(2) Lemon Meringue pie on pi day

(3) D.C. Sharing her strawberries with me.

(4) Seeing EG and BG tonight. They are both getting so big.

(5) Videoing people for our Lenten worship.

(6) Zumba

(7) Ellie Holcomb’s Red Sea Road album

(8) Watching Class B Boys BB

(9) Watching Special Olympics World games on tv. The moment with Jason Mraz and Grace Vanderwaal was something special.

(10) Cinnamon Jelly Beans

(11) Getting to give EG his bottle.

(12) Baby snuggles

(13) Baptism celebration

(14) 50 degree spring weather

(15) Time at one of my fave places CotC

(16) Potato klubb with KN and MH

(17) Lunch with KW and DW

(18) Having fun filming clips for our Lenten videos.

(19) Winning a prize at this week’s #fmfparty. Thanks Krafty Kash!!

(20) Buying books on Amazon and getting some great deals.

(21) For the Love of the Arts event and performing some of my poetry.

(22) An accidental call from Uncle J and texting with Aunt C as a result of that call.

(23) A PLN

(24) Apple Rum Cake

(25) Hugs and convo with one of my fave kiddos. Thanks KM.

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