Sunday Blessings #16

It’s time to post the first Sunday Blessings of 2014. Today as we remember the 4th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake I am especially thankful for these blessings in my life this past week.

(1) Awesome weather. It was literally like 50 degrees warmer than last week at this time

(2) Continued real mail in my mailbox. I am loving all the Christmas/New Years Cards coming in the mail

(3) Seeing an old friend

(4) Spending time with new friends at Tavern Talk

(5) Having a little one at my new call put her arms out because she wanted me to hold her. Also crawling around on the floor with her.

(6) Finally getting in a fantastic workout

(7) A text from a friend telling me how excited she is that I am finally going with her to the E

(8) Getting back into a routine of reading on my Kindle

(9) Golden Globe night

(10) Call from my momma. She is so excited that my sis and I are planning on visiting her this next weekend.

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