Sunday Blessings 159 and 160

(1) A neighbor who snowblowed most of my sidewalk. Thank You!

(2) Barbara Brown Taylor’s book Learning to Walk in the Dark

(3) Scattegories

(4) A sweet comment from a friend

(5) A surprise text from JK. Love and miss you friend.

(6) Time with my friend EG

(7) Lunch and convo with BA

(8) Watching KM’s swim meet

(9) A sweet lady at church who asked if I’d lost some weight.

(10) Chatting online with friends

(11) Texting with MW

(12) Zumba

(13) Sweet reminders from friends on Single Awareness/V Day

(14) Yummy treats

(15) Playing Bingo with Special Olympics athletes

(16) This Is Us

(17) New LLR

(18) A sweet compliment from a lady at church.

(19) A great PLN

(20) Tutti Frutti

(21) Homemade Lettuce Wraps

(22) Girl Scout Cookies

(23) Finally catching up on my DVRed shows

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