Sunday Blessings 156 and 157

(1) A call from my momma

(2) Finally getting a much needed haircut. Thanks TS!

(3) RR giving me a ride to the airport. Thanks sweet lady!

(4) Above 40 degrees in Minot

(5) Hugging so many dear friends

(6) Tons of compliments on the new hair color.

(7) Yummy food

(8)  Maizy blowing me kisses

(9) Sammy and I playing peek a boo

(10) Hanging out with Sammy and his mom

(11) The ELCA YMNET mannequin   challenge

(12) A gorgeous walk outside

(13)Bringing coffee to my friend BB

(14) Riding back from Louisville with some of my fave F-M friends

(15) Chatting with my friend KJD and getting to meet and visit with her new husband.

(16) Sharing my book with another passenger on the plane.

(17) Supper with seminary classmates and friends

(18) Late night early morning fun and awesome conversations

(19) Fun exploring a new city

(20) RT giving me a ride home from the airport. Thanks friends.

(21) Coming home to new leggings I ordered. So cute!

(22) Texting my sissy

(23) Chatting online with good friends

(24) A successful UnChili Cookoff

(25) A great phone conversation with my friend BB. Thank You!

(26) A great Zumba workout

(27) Having a great visit with JA and SJ at my house.

(28) Watching a new movie “We Bought a Zoo!”

(29) Texting with MW

(30) Messaging some of my fave people. Thank You for the prayers friends.

(31) A good annual meeting

(32) A parishioner sending me to the Western Plains Opera’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. Thanks JK!

(33) Visiting with several people

(34) A parishioner sharing her popcorn with me.

(35)  EG holding my hand as we walked out of worship.

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