Sunday Blessings 155

(1) A sweet compliment from a lady at Curves tonight.

(2) A beautiful ornament from my friend SS

(3) Part 2 of the Here Hear podcast

(4) More leftovers

(5)  Talking to MW on the phone

(6) Finding new episodes of Nashville

(7) Using some of my Christmas gift cards.

(8) Breaking in my new Dutch oven and making homemade French onion soup.

(9) Having a nice conversation with a lady at Herbergers.

(10) Cinnamon Gummy Bears

(11) A great LYO board meeting

(12) Gentlemen who help get you unstuck.

(13) A gorgeous night and a beautiful full moon

(14) Getting to hug NF and EB

(15) A 1st grader asking me to pray for his fish that died.

(16) A sweet gift.

(17) Hugs from some of my faves

(18) A beautiful PLN

(19) Fresh fruit and veggies

(20) Some beautiful above zero degree days

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