Sunday Blessings 154

(1) A sweet early morning text from LT

(2) Yummy French onion soup

(3) Fun mail

(4) Talking to JL on the phone

(5) Voxing with KA

(6) A sweet text from my good friend MW

(7) My first ever podcast appearance goes live.

(8) A sweet surprise from the circle ladies

(9) Voxing with VF

(10) Return of #fmfparty

(11) #slatespeak

(12) Texting with JS

(13) A sweet compliment from a parishioner

(14) Great group of people who helped peel potatoes and get ready for tomorrow’s events

(15) A fantastic PLN

(16) A good day at church celebrating our receptionist on her retirement and saying farewell to our pastor and his family.

(17) Leftover stuffing

(18) A sweet Vox from CH

(19) Hugs

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