Sunday Blessings 150 and 151

(1) Finding my LLR Elegant Carly

(2) Another snow day

(3) A great night with awesome kids from church

(4) Getting to be part of BG’s Baptism

(5)  Texting with MW

(6) A post worship/council nap

(7) Chatting with CT on the phone

(8) A great text convo with my friend JS

(9) Time with my friend EG–What a great night!

(10) Finding peppermint mocha kcups from Target

(11) Chatting with BA on the phone

(12) Christmas cards in my mailbox

(13) Leftover pizza sent home with me

(14) #SlateSpeak

(15) LCM Board Christmas party

(16) A member complimenting my sermon and sharing how I just keep getting better.

(17) A trusted colleague liking my sermon note on FB! Thanks JC!!

(18) Watching Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors

(19) Holding Baby BG and taking their family photo!

(20) Talking to me Daddy

(21) A post liturgical nap

(22) Talking to mom. It was a good day. She sounded so good.

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