Sunday Blessings #15

It’s so good for me to reflect back on the week and to take inventory on the many blessings of the week. I haven’t posted a Sunday blessings for a while and in light of sad events in the world, it seems like a good week to post these blessings.

(1) A nice supper with new friends and running into an old acquaintance.

(2) All the wonderful Christmas cards that are coming in the mail. I love seeing pics of your families and hearing what you are up too! Miss many of you so much. You in yourselves are blessings in my life!

(3) A wonderfully blessed installation service and reception at church

(4) Talking on the phone with my best friend. It’s been awhile since we last chatted.

(5) Finally finding the Curves and now ready to get back into a wonderful routine again.

(6) Spending a day with a new friend; coffee, shopping, baking cookies! It was such a good day!!

(7) Supper with a new colleague and her husband at a local Thai restaurant

(8) Stopping at a members house and visiting with her and her daughter.

(9) Time with my sister last weekend.

(10) A Good Samaritan helping us out with a flat tire on my car

(11) A garage to keep my car warm

(12) Nice compliments from some new parishioners telling me that I speak up so clearly and they can hear me so well. I’m truly blessed to serve these people.

(13) Family Sunday School Christmas service and meal

(14) Spending time remembering what this season is truly about.

(15) Having a camp friend and a couple of her friends visit us at First. It was such a surprise to see her when I was greeting. So much fun!!

I am sure I can think of more but I’ll leave it at 15 for this week.

What are your blessings this week my friends?

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