Sunday Blessings 149

(1) Cinnamon candy canes

(2) Two snow days in one week

(3) A warm house

(4) Time with EG. Thanks for helping me run an errand, friend!!

(5) Strangers who helped push my car out of the snow.

(6) Meeting a fellow crier on Twitter

(7) Kindness

(8) Social Media

(9) Proofing my sisters Christmas letter for her.

(10) A hug from a friend! Thanks PC!

(11) Seeing the youth group from Bowden and getting them settled at church. Hugs from some of the kids who went with on the Metigoshe buses to the Detroit youth gathering.

(12) White bean enchiladas

(13) Hugs from some of my fave kiddos

(14) A beautiful PLN

(15) Another yummy Blue Apron meal

(16) My first Christmas card. Thanks MH!!

(17) Friends sharing one of my blog posts

(18) People reading and sharing my book

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