Sunday Blessings 148

(1) A great weekend with JT

(2)Stopping and seeing my sisters new place.

(3) Pumpkin streusel muffins

(4) #fmfsnailmailparty love

(5) Watching KT while her parents were out and she wasn’t feeling well.

(6) Pride of Dakota show with my sissy

(7) A phone call from TM.

(8) Baking while election returns were coming in.

(9) Exchanging numbers and chatting with a dear Twitter friend.

(10) Huskers win! Go Big Red!!!

(11) Writing a piece for the Slate Project blog.

(12) Movie with my sissy. We saw “Jack Reacher”

(13) Running into members at the pride of Dakota show–a hug, getting asked to help with something on a present, etc

(14) A sweet text from a youth’s mom

(15) Running into youth at Pride of Dakota and having them talk my ear off! 🙂

(16) A great intergenerational activity day.

(17) Papa Johns pizza

(18) Chatting with a friend. Thanks DM!

(19) A college friend asking to share about our intergenerational activity day. So fun to reconnect with KH as we chatted.

(20) Tackling Mt Laundry

(21) Talking to my grandma on the phone

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