Sunday Blessings 146

(1) A Vox from KA

(2) A text from my friend saying I was in her Living Lutheran magazine.

(3) A Vox from TM

(4) Supper and a great night of conversation with EG and GG

(5) A hug

(6) The gift of my dear Twitter peeps

(7) Return of my Blue Apron boxes

(8) My sissy buying me a present while at the BS concert in Fargo. Thanks sis!

(9) Third Grade Bible Blessing

(10) Return of my shows

(11) Texting with MW

(12) Texting with STM

(13) A PLN!!!

(14) Leftovers sent home with me. Thanks EG!

(15) The return of Fall

Sunday Blessings will be taking a hiatus during the month of October while I participate in the Write 31 Days challenge. I’ll keep a months long list on my phone and post in November!

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