Sunday Blessings 144 and 145

Two weeks worth….

(1) A fun note from my friend SA

(2) Lots of texts and messages asking if the picture in Living Lutheran is of me and indeed it is!

(3) Compliments on my new LuLaRoe Irma.

(4) Playing a fun game with KH, KL, AB and PD.

(5) #SlateSpeak and #FMFparty

(6) A postcard from Aunt N when she was on her Europe trip.

(7)Husker win!!!

(8) A gorgeous pink sky

(9) A great Rally Sunday

(10) A great day for a drive

(11) Baby time with Zane

(12) Visiting with dear friends

(13) Salt water taffy from Medora

(14) A sweet surprise from a friend

(15) Visiting with colleagues I don’t know very well and getting to know them better.

(16) Finishing the 5K and not walking the whole thing. Finished 29 out of 45 and finished under an hour.

(17) A great nap

(18) Texting with JL

(19) A great first night of Confirmation

(20) My sissy buying me a cd

(21) The new Starbucks chile mocha

(22) An umbrella on a day when it’s pouring rain!

(23) A nice visit with a random stranger at the mall.

(24) MSU Homecoming Parade

(25) Husker football

(26) Some fun finds at Dress Barn and a cute pair of boots at Herbergers

(27) A new MSU tshirt. Thanks KL!

(28) Liz Gilbert’s book Big Magic

(29) Teaching the Bible to 3rd Graders and their families. I may have had way too much fun teaching!

(30) A fantastic PLN

(31) My Twitter peeps (You know who you are!)

(32) The new Archer Farms Apple Cinnamon Trail Mix

(33) Talking to mom

(34) God connecting me to incredible people and reminding me that I’m never alone. There are days that it can be so easy to forget that.

(35) Fall

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