Sunday Blessings 143; Birthday Edition

(1) The return of the Great Food Truck Race

(2) A fun early birthday gift

(3) A Vox from Marie

(4) Getting to meet and hold baby B. Best part of my Wednesday!!

(5) A new cut and color for Fall

(6) A text from my friend KG

(7) A fun Twitter thread with some awesome new friends that totally made me smile.

(8) Waiting for my friend at Panera and complimented on my LuLaRoe Madison skirt within minutes of arriving.

(9) #SlateSpeak

(10) Early Birthday lunch with KG

(11) Hanging out and early birthday fun with EG.

(12) A fun card from MW. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, friend.

(13) A Vox from T

(14) Birthday money from dad and grandma and grandpa.

(15) Birthday lunch with JL

(16) Our waitress wishing me Happy Birthday!!

(17) Sweet Birthday texts, Birthday tweets and birthday greetings on Facebook.

(18) A cool lime refresher and chocolate chunk muffin for a birthday treat.

(19) A birthday Vox from TM’s girls

(20) Ice cream with KL, PD and KH

(21) Birthday fun with KL

(22) Church peeps singing Happy Birthday to me at church and at the restaurant.

(23) Cucumbers from DW and KW

(24) A beautiful PLN

(25) Watching one of my fave movies “Rent!”

(26) A cool day with some much needed rain

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