Sunday Blessings 140

(1) Getting to see and hug my former bishop and his wife.

(2) Yummy fried green tomatoes

(3) Meeting so many Twitter peeps in real life.

(4) The gift of our church

(5) Our Western ND crew

(6) Breakfast with JL and AD

(7) Word and service picture

(8) A great conversation with CH

(9) Supper with Diaconal ministry colleagues

(10) Catching up with my good friend KW.

(11) Hugging Dirk and Sarah

(12) Buying coffee for new friends. Nothing I love more than giving to others.

(13)Being a recipient of a gift rather than giving myself.

(14) Grace in Action afternoon. So fun to have MT in the same group as me.

(15) Trying all the different southern food.

(16) Lunch with several of my NW MN people. I love that Denny and Al still felt they could give me a hard time.

(17) Riding a bus with Josh and having supper with him and Shannon!

(18) Preservation Hall

(19) Awesome seafood supper. Loved my crab and cucumber salad.

(20) New Word and Service roster passes by 97 %.

(21) Taxi driver who got us to the airport safely.

(22) Visiting with Kim for a few minutes.

(23) Bringing three books with me and only returning with one. Thanks for helping me out, Christie!

(24) Sweet notes from my prayer partner and finally meeting in person.

(25) Running into Paul and Lorice at the airport and getting to hug Lorice!

(26) Seeing Paul Bagylos

(27) Lots of walking from hotel to convention center etc

(28) Worshipping with Priscilla

(29) Visiting with Kari F.

(30) The sweet older gentlemen on the plane who was so concerned for the mom and her little one who got sick on the plane. He was across the aisle and practically jumped out of his chair to help this mom.

(31) High-Fiving Jason when we realized we were sitting four chairs from each other at Churchwide. We had interacted on Twitter, but hadn’t met in real life yet. So fun that we met the first day.

(32) Receiving communion from Tuhina. I will forever remember her saying the words “For you!” to me!

(33) Volunteering to go on a later flight since ours was overbooked.

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