Sunday Blessings 139

(1) A Vox from Marie

(2) Voxing with TM

(3) A phone call from my friend JL

(4) Receiving fun mail. The piece of plunder jewelry I ordered at my party and finally got. Thanks KG!

(5) Bible study at the nursing home

(6) Thd best sister in the world!!

(7) IBC Cherry Limeade Soda

(8) Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

(9) An unexpected call from JH

(10) Supper with JL

(11) Texting with AD.

(12) Meeting up with some of the WND crew headed to CWA at the Minot airport

(13) Finding out KW is on the same flight to NOLA.

(14) Time in NOLA with great friends

(15) Seeing my friend KW

(16) Meeting a blog friend CM InRL

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