Sunday Blessings 138

(1) Running into AN at the fairgrounds

(2) Enduro races with my sis

(3) Enjoying a Coke Icee at the fair

(4) Monster Truck races with my sis

(5) Receiving my new planner in the mail

(6) A high five from one of my fave little boys.

(7) Finding knoephla and kraut at the fair

(8) Old Dominion concert with my sis

(9) Texting with MW

(10) Awesome Kenny Chesney concert

(11) Working at FLC fair booth

(12) FLC peach pie

(13) Winning a frisbee at the Fido 500 show.

(14) Awesome Jake Owen concert

(15) A great week at the fair with my sissy.

(16) Running into my hair lady CC who used to do my hair.

(17) Cherry cola taffy from my fave taffy shop in Estes. Thanks to a sweet lady from church who brought it to me!!

(18) Awesome PLN

(19) Running into KD at the fair

(20) Seeing EG at the fair

(21) The sweet child who came up for the children’s sermon even though she was the only one today.

(22) Real food instead of fair food

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