Sunday Blessings 135

(1) Minot 4th of July Festival

(2) Watching fireworks with good company.

(3) Keeping up with my pact to get in shape during this year so I can climb a mountain next summer.

(4) Hugs from some of my fave kiddos

(5) Petting my neighbors dog Cookie

(6) A Vox from TM

(7) Momma calling me

(8) Circle Bible study at the nursing home.

(9) A lady at Curves telling me that I have pretty eyes.

(10) A call from my daddy

(11) Shopping with DC

(12) Going for a walk with my sissy at the Scandinavian Heritage Park and around my neighborhood.

(13) Checking on Oscar the cat and playing with him.

(14) Walking with my sissy at Oak Park

(15) Pastor Brandy’s baby shower at church

(16) Making it to Rapid City safely.

(17) USA Gymnastics

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