Sunday Blessings 133 and 134, Lutheran Academy of the Rockies Edition

(1) Arriving to my destination safely

(2) Seeing friends and getting hugs

(3) My buddy excited to see me, sitting with me and asking about the last time we saw each other.

(4) Being called an author! So so surreal!!!

(5) Supper with great people.

(6) Visiting with SB and NF.

(7) A great afternoon playing with an awesome two year old.

(8) So many wonderful conversations.

(9) Being told I still have my same glorious laugh.

(10) My love of story

(11) A nap

(12) Eating ice cream cake and celebrating AJ’s birthday!

(13) Finding a new book that I didn’t think was out yet.

(14) Time with JK and her girls. What a gift!!

(15) Free muffins for eating at Mimi’s Cafe for the first time.

(16) Spending the afternoon with MKB.

(17) An awesome Sunday lunch.

(18) Going to see a movie with great people.

(19) AJ telling me he saw my car and sitting on my lap during worship.

(20) Chili lights gatherings

(21) Watching the movie Zootopia for the first time.

(22) Fun City with the Beebe crew.

(23) Reading poetry at the talent show.

(24) A nice two hour nap

(25) Hiking Lily Ridge Trail with MYJ.

(26) Running into TJ and family at Lily Lake.

(27) Hard goodbyes.

(28) Rain

(29) A hotel to rest my head

(30) Picking up some of my stuff at CT’s and catching up with her. And KT showing me her new trick on the swing set.

(31) Fun mail. Thanks for the prize NV!!
Love the leggings and necklace!

(32) Catching up on my shows.

(33) Taffy!! My new faves are cherry cola and salted caramel!

(34) Chili cheese Fritos

(35) A great worship

(36) Brunch with awesome church peeps.

(37) Starting my year long pact to get in shape and climb a mountain next summer.

(38) A wonderful PLN!!

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