Sunday Blessings 131

(1) A great mail day; Plunder jewelry and more LuLaRoe.

(2) Spending a few hours tonight with ST making our gathering team display board.

(3) A Vox from TM

(4) Sitting outside enjoying this beautiful night.

(5) A note on my book after I loaned it out for the night for someone to read.

(6) Hanging out with KG

(7) Texting with KL

(8) A hug from TE

(9) Holding and cuddling baby Zane

(10) Running into friends and colleagues at synod assembly.

(11) People telling me that they bought my book.

(12) So many compliments on my hair. Thanks for making me look good, TS!!

(13) My first official book signing

(14) Hanging out with some awesome peeps–JS, KS and KS, KG and KL!

(15) Visiting with and getting a hug from CB.

(16) Lunch with my word and service colleagues.

(17) Watermelon Bath and Body Works candle

(18) A cool breeze blowing in my screen door window.

(19) PB sharing a children’s sermon idea with me.

(20) Fresh radishes from the church garden.

(21) EG having to show me a worm

(22) Church Garden party

(23) A nice PLN

(24) A nice visit and meal with individuals at the gala.

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