Sunday Blessings 130

(1) Texting with CT

(2) Getting mail when I didn’t think there was mail.

(3) Releasing my first self-published book.

(4) A Vox from Marie

(5) JB bringing donuts to our staff meeting.

(6) People buying my book!

(7) Circle Bible Study at the nursing home.

(8) Papa Johns supreme pizza

(9) My friends tagging me in the green items at our friends LLR party.

(10) Ann and I spending the day with momma; enjoying lunch, watching boats come in, ice cream etc.

(11) Ann and I seeing “Me before You!”

(12) Great morning of worship.

(13) Afternoon at the zoo

(14) Leftover cookies sent home with me after bible study on Thursday

(15) KFC leftovers

(16) My lawnmower

(17) Texting with EG and CT

(18) Having my name drawn for a friends drawing and getting a free piece of LLR.

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