Sunday Blessings; 12th Edition

(1) Just because I love you flowers from a dear friend! Thanks for brightening my day, my friend!

(2) Sharing those flowers with my Tues morning devos group

(3) Having a wonderful lunch and conversation with a great colleague

(4) A great night of music and honest talk—the Outrageous Faith event—at UND on Thurs night; Rachel Kurtz, Agape, and Nadia Bolz-Weber

(5) Getting my copy of Pastrix autographed by Nadia

(6) Spending time with a good friend—Supper and the movie Gravity

(7) Finishing and ordering another ShutterFly book

(8) The ability to upgrade my phone. I’m sporting the new IPhone 5c now.

(9) Writing down words to help me sort through life.

(10) The smell of rain

And so much more.

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