Sunday Blessings 129

(1) A sweet gift from one of my Confirmation kiddos.

(2) Blue Apron Soy Glazed Meatballs

(3) Some much needed rain

(4) The smell of fresh Spring rain

(5) A first draft of my sermon completed by Wednesday.

(6) My new Plunder design necklace. Love it!!

(7) JM tweeting me to let me know that CN was live showing us new LLR clothes! Yes!!!!

(8) An umbrella on a rainy day

(9) Friends who read your sermon and give great suggestions to make it better.

(10) Finishing my friend Renee’s book “A Witness”

(11) Starbucks Strawberries and Cream Frappucino

(12) Guy from the landscape company coming to take a look at my yard.

(13) Clean bedding

(14) Graduation open houses. Proud of these youth.

(15) Brunch with church peeps and being treated to my meal.

(16) Sitting on my patio, reading, drinking my cool lime refresher and feeling the sun on my face.

(17) A Vox from MG

(18) Periscoping with my friend STM

(19) Mandy Hale’s The Single Woman on Kindle for $2.99

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