Sunday Blessings 128

(1) ND Asia leftovers

(2) EG and BG visiting me in my office. EG loved my dancing flower.

(3) Talking to Gma and Gpa on the phone.

(4) A Vox from TM

(5) Running into JH at the grocery store.

(6) The Hope*Writers Summit (Loving the videos)

(7) Getting to hold two babies!!!!

(8) Our End of the Year Celebration

(9) A Vox from MG

(10) Getting to hold baby Rhoda.

(11) A great colleague luncheon

(12) Holding a proof copy of my book in my hand. So surreal and a tad overwhelmed by everyone cheerleading for me.

(13) A congrats text from my friend EG

(14) Treating myself to a new piece of jewelry.

(15) A message from a member at my previous call and finding out we have a FB friend in common.

(16) My friend creating a new hashtag for me #LutheranCreative

(17) Texting with my dear friend MW

(18) Cinnamon Gummy Bears

(19) Reading on my patio on a gorgeous day with my fave Starbucks Refresher.

(20) A congrats text from my friend STM

(21) Brunch with church peeps

(22) A PLN

(23) Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Blizzard

(24) Running into MS and JS this morning at brunch.

(25) YOU!!!

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