Sunday Blessings 127

(1) A member giving me a heavy winter coat of hers.

(2) A call from a publishing company

(3) Leftover pizza sent home with me.

(4) Compliments on my outfit. Of course, I was wearing all LuLaRoe!!

(5) A text from my friend EG

(6) Supper with EG.

(7) Leftovers sent home with me.

(8) Texting with STM

(9) Several college graduation open houses.

(10) Tackling Mt. Laundry

(11) Flowers to brighten my table. So pretty!!

(12) Mint Chocolate frapp from Caribou.

(13) Awesome Senior Sunday at church

(14) Chatting with a friend online.

(15) Planting our church community garden.

(16) My new water bottle with diffuser. I love it. Today’s fruit of choice is strawberries.
(17) Supper with KG and Little Miss

(18) Choir concert with KG and Little Miss

(19) Watermelon

(20) YOU!!

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