Sunday Blessings 126

(1) A fun mail day–my new shoes from Arktana, my friend Renee’s book and my latest LuLaRoe item.

(2) A call from my mommy

(3) Attending an informational meeting on foster care and adoption.

(4) Hanging out with the LCM young adults

(5) Playing on the hammock with Little Miss M.

(6) Cool Lime Refresher on a hot day

(7) Stopping at DLC for a little while and seeing some awesome DLC peeps.

(8) Stopping by the synod office to say hello. Sad that I missed you LW and LN.

(9) Chillin’ at West Acres waiting for my sissy.

(10) GARTH BROOKS concert

(11) Meeting up with PM this morning.

(12) Lunch with PB

(13) Coffee and catching up with the bestie and getting my bday and Christmas gifts!

(14) Mothers and Others Tea at church

(15) Lots of hugs after my talk at the Mothers and Others Tea at church.

(16) Catching up on my DVRed shows from this week.

(17) A great Confirmation service.

(18) A mini Camp of the Cross reunion. Loved seeing you HD, NW and JW!!!

(19) A nice visit with FLC members–great conversation.

(20) The Butterfly Circus movie

(21) A sweet Compliment on my Diaconal cross Necklace.

(22) A sweet plate of goodies and a card left in my office.

(23) Staying at a friends house earlier this week. Thanks CG and JG!!

(24) A fantastic PLN!!!

(25) My momma!!!

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