Sunday Blessings 125

(1) Voxing with VF and a sweet message from her youngest daughter.

(2) A Vox from Marie. Thanks for the awesome feedback friend.

(3) A Vox from KA

(4) A great care conference call about Mom.

(5) Looking for Lovely online party

(6) A total fan-girl moment: A Downs replying to one of my tweets to her.

(7) Bought my first pair of Arktana shoes today! So excited to get them.

(8) FMF Twitter party

(9) Finally getting a shirt I ordered awhile ago. She had sent me the wrong one.

(10) Fresh bedding

(11) Sitting outside and reading my book

(12) Yummy Elk sausage from a parishioner

(13) Getting to see baby E before him and his family move to Germany this week.

(14) CG’s Confirmation Open House

(15) A nice afternoon PLN

(16) A gorgeous Spring day

(17) Awesome Confirmation banquet

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