Sunday Blessings 124

(1) Baby time with Miss R

(2) Compliments on my outfit of the day–Julia dress, leggings and short boots.

(3) Getting to see CT’s girls and getting hugs from them.

(4) A great lunch with great ladies

(5) Sitting outside and reading a book

(6) Texting with my friend MW

(7) One of the ladies bringing us treats for our meeting.

(8) A lady asking me if I’ve lost weight

(9) My friend EG complimenting me on my outfit.

(10) A much needed haircut

(11) A beautiful day for a drive

(12) Running into AH

(13) Brantley Gilbert concert with my sister.

(14) One of Canaan Smith’s guitar players catching my eye and throwing his guitar pick at me.

(15) Our concert seats being upgraded.

(16) A fun weekend with my sister

(17) Looking over during worship and seeing EG copying me. So cute!!

(18) Running into a member at Perkins and having a nice visit.

(19) 10th Anniversary of my consecration as a Diaconal Minister in the ELCA!!

(20) Cars 2

(21) My sis buying me my fave cinnamon gummy bears

(22) An awesome PLN

(23) My new fave beverage: Blackberry Cucumber La Croix Sparkling Water

(24) A warm house on this very rainy day

(25) YOU!!

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