Sunday Blessings 123

(1) Voxing with KA

(2) Annie F. Downs book “Looking for Lovely”

(3) A Vox from MarieG

(4) Volunteer Recognition with some great ladies from church.

(5) Starbucks Key Lime Refresher

(6) Fun children’s sermon at Wed night worship.

(7) Receiving my tax refunds; federal and state.

(8) My fave guilty pleasure; the tv show Nashville

(9) Texting with MW

(10) A Vox from CM..I’ve missed hearing from you friend.

(11) An email from my blog friend CR telling me she was blessed by reading my words in the book I’m working on. She also had great suggestions to help make it better.

(12) FMF Party

(13) The sweet smell of a spring rain

(14) Supper with my Aunt P and her friend.

(15) Going to the movie Jungle Book with Aunt P and her friend C

(16) Movie theater popcorn

(17) A great Sunday morning

(18) A sweet thank you for what you do gift bag left in my office.

(19) Supper with one of my fave families

(20) Watching my fave dancers at their funk show.

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