Sunday Blessings 121

(1) A much needed day off

(2) A beautiful walk outside

(3) An Easter card from a parishioner with gift cards to one of my fave places

(4) A great Confirmation class after six weeks off.

(5) CS giving me a ride to LCM board meeting.

(6) A fixed car

(7) Seeing baby Rhoda

(8) Baby snuggle time with Rhoda

(9) A drive with CT and hugs from her girls.

(10) Texting with my friend STM

(11) Voxing with TM, AH and MG

(12) Compliments on my sermon

(13) A nice PLN

(14) A great afternoon walk

(15) Country Fried Chicken from Blue Apron

(16) Hugs from one of my fave kiddos

(17) 60 plus degree weather on Sat

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