Sunday Blessings; 11th Edition

I haven’t been able to post a Sunday blessings post in several weeks so here are some blessings from this past week (and probably a few from the weeks before too)

(1) Getting hugs from some of our three year olds at church. They were all so sweet!!

(2) Spending time with my sister

(3) Having dinner and catching up with some of my Curves ladies. It was so much fun! I miss those gals!

(4) Starting and finishing Nadia Bolz-Weber’s book Pastrix. I seriously couldn’t put it down. Pure grace!! So excited to see her along with Rachel Kurtz and Agape on Thursday. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!

(5) Meeting over the phone and chatting on the phone with a colleague in Florida. So neat to meet and share our passions about home and family ministry.

(6) NWMN synod council retreat. So blessed to serve alongside these people.

(7) Getting to stop by and visit with a dear friend on my way back from my meeting. He is such a blessing in my life!!!

(8) The joy of hearing from our Confirmands and their families as they shared their faith papers with us.

(9) Being at the right place at the right time. Thankful that I was able to avoid an uncomfortable situation by being in that right place at the right time.

(10) Donating and dropping off leftovers from our church dinner at the local homeless shelter.

(11) Having a nice conversation with one of my neighbors who I don’t get to speak to much.

(12) An invitation to a friends bridal shower. So fun to receive real mail!

(13) Getting some much needed rain

And so much more….

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