Sunday Blessings 117

(1) Leo finally won his Oscar!

(2) YouthWorkers with my faves!!

(3) Voxing with TM

(4) A text from MW showing me that he got to hang with our friend CL today. So jealous! Miss you both!!!

(5) Voxing with KA

(6) An awesome mail day; ShutterFly photo books and fun mail from my blog friend LM!

(7) Receiving my copy of my blog friends new book.

(8) Visiting with members at our Lenten supper.

(9) Baby snuggles with baby Rhoda

(10) A gentlemen stopping to visit with me at the nursing home.

(11) Bible study at the nursing home

(12) Great LCM board meeting

(13) Metigoshe No Such Thing as a Free Lunch lunch.

(14) FMF Twitter party

(15) A relaxing day off

(16) Banana bread and lemon bars sent home with me.

(17) Leftover lasagna

(18) A sweet lady letting me have the item she claimed at a party. So so sweet of her!!

(19) A text from Aunt P

(20) Fuller House

(21) EG saying to me after worship, We have matching bracelets. Yes we did. Gave bracelets out during my children’s sermon.

(22) A great skit during worship–so fun!!

(23) A great baptism of a teenager

(24) Christ Lutheran meatballs with RRS.

(25) Celebrating our volunteers with their service milestone.

(26) Gorgeous Springlike weather

(27) A nice PLN (post liturgical nap)

(28) Getting to read outside for an hour on this 72 degree day.

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