Sunday Blessings 115 and 116

(1) A sweet message from my friend LK

(2) A nice day off

(3) A wonderful confirmation small group

(4) Finding out the people who stole my purse will hopefully be charged this week or next.

(5) Mom doing better and back at the nursing home.

(6) Getting my wreath from my friend JK in the mail. Love it!!

(7) A member bringing me a gift; a copy of her book of poetry.

(8) Playing the Board Game Sorry with one of my fave little boys and his dad.

(9) Gorgeous snow melting weather

(10) Going out with my friend EG.

(11) Chatting with MW

(12) Leftover meatballs from Lenten supper. Yum!!!

(13) Hanging with my sissy. We had so much fun shopping.

(14) People who moved their car when I knocked on their door and asked them to move it. They were blocking my driveway.

(15) Going to the movie How to be Single with my sis.

(16) Panera Bread and Tutti Fruit. Yum!!

(17) Voxing with TM

(18) Running into FLC peeps at the mall and at Perkins

(19) LCM pancake feed

(20) Perkins with my sissy

(21) Catching up on my DVRed shows

(22) Academy Awards

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 115 and 116

  1. cool couple of weeks?

    sign on one of the parish house doors at church this morning:

    Do not open this door.

    New copier is behind it.

    What will happen if I open the door?
    You'll bump into the copier, which won't be good for it.

    Then how do I get to the restroom?
    Walk around to the right or to the left.

    What time are the Academy Awards?
    Red Carpet: 4 pm
    Ceremony: 5:30 pm
    on ABC

    A guy in my Sunday morning class is a member of the Academy and told us about getting all those movies to rate and review! Needless to say, because this is LA several people in the church work in the film industry.

    • Yes, a couple of weeks worth. Sometimes life just get busy and I forget to post one of the weeks so then you get a week or twos worth! 🙂 Loved your list here too friend!

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