Sunday Blessings 114

(1) EG picking me up at the airport

(2) Running into FLC members at the airport.

(3) A V-Day card from momma

(4) An awesome Lenten supper–turkey and all the trimmings.

(5) Reading little EG a story from the Spark story Bible after Ash We’d service because he was sad that there was no children’s time!

(6) Sharing about my trip with FLC members.

(7) Seeing KD back at FLC.

(8) A sweet little boy coming up to me and giving me a hug.

(9) People who wait with mom when I cannot.

(10) A V day card from my sissy

(11) Friends who pray for you!!!

(12) A text from my dear friend JK.

(13) My first Blue Apron box and my first Blue Apron meal

(14) Minot Story Hour

(15) A sweet tweet and Vox to remind me how loved I am.

(16) #SinglesBlizzard

(17) Catching up on my DVRed shows

(18) Texting with MW

(19) A member complimenting my sermon and saying it was the best ever!!

(20) Seeing friends at the Minot Story Hour.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 114

  1. I loved reading that your momma sent you a V day card. I can only imagine how special it was for you to receive it. Praying this week has been a good one and your weekend is blessed.

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