Sunday Blessings 113

(1) Playing with little EG and then getting a hug for playing trucks with him.

(2) A sweet note from my friend HG

(3) RRS giving me a ride to the airport

(4) KG being willing to give me a ride to the airport.

(5) An awesome outstanding gate agent getting me on an earlier flight out of MSP.

(6) Traveling with friends

(7) Visiting with new friends and getting to know them.

(8) A nighttime Target run

(9) Finally getting to hug my friend LA in real life.

(10) Hugging and seeing of my fave things about the E!!

(11) LA and I walking to downtown Disney, catching up on life etc. So fun!!

(12) Supper with CT, MH and CT’s friends.

(13) Meeting Twitter friends in the flesh. Feel like I’ve known them forever!

(14) A fun t-shirt off the $7 clearance rack at Old Lutheran!

(15) Fantastic worship, speakers, etc

(16) Hugging DG and DH in the flesh

(17) Word and Service dinner! So much fun!!!

(18) Hugging JK and getting to spend some time visiting with him. Also fun to have DH pop in on our conversation for awhile.

(19) Sweet comments on my FB status

(20) SG finding me hot tamales at the hospitality table.

(21) Hanging out with EF at the pool

(22) Lunch with EF and SG poolside

(23) My first ever Disney experience with BW, LA and NA. Thanks friends!!

(24) Being bombarded when I got off the shuttle by KJ, AS and SK. Also loved getting to catch up with these girls. Miss them!!

(25) Meeting #chsocm peeps in real life and getting to meet them in person.

(26) Playing peek-a-boo with sweet Will.

(27) Texting with STM and sharing Disney pics with her.

(28) Breakfast with LA and NA

(29) Playing peek a boo and taking to Baby Maisy on our flight back to MSP.

(30) An 89 cent Uber ride. Thanks roomie DW!

(31) All of YOU especially my E friends. It never surprises me how easy I can come up with a blessings list on the E week. And I could easily add so many more items!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 113

  1. One more blessing to add – you! I have been going through my blog from over the years and re-reading all the comments there from you. Thank you for all your kind words. Also, my blogroll is finally back, and you are there once more there. It took a while, and my website isn't fully back after crashing last summer, but it is getting there. Hugs to you, my friend!

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