Sunday Blessings 111

(1) MLK Jr. Day off from work

(2) A sweet note from my friend EG

(3) Talking to an old friend on the phone. Thanks for reading for me friend!

(4) Church council was over before 9 pm

(5) Receiving fun mail in the mail.

(6) Police officers who responded when my purse was stolen and companies that cancelled my cards quickly.

(7) Nice people at the Drivers License and Motor Vehicle departments who gave me what I needed.

(8) Friends who sympathize with me and friends who texted to check in with me.

(9) Colleagues who go above and beyond for you when something bad happens to you!!

(10) A great chat with some of our sweet church ladies.

(11) Sweet surprises that make you smile!

(12) Spending time with a sweet Diaconal sister; TD.

(13) RS picking up an essential for me at Walmart. Also giving me a ride so I could get some errands done.

(14) A lock company coming and getting me new keys.

(15) A lady letting me sit in her car while the locksmith opened my car door.

(16) A beautiful 45 degree day

(17) Panera French Onion Soup and their new kale sandwich. So yummy!!!

(18) A hug and a kiss from one of my fave kiddos at church today.

(19) Camp Sunday

(20) Picking up my friend TE at the airport, having lunch and hanging out together.

(21) Sharing my house with friends. So much fun!!

(22) Greeting the Rural plunge crew and their crew.

(23) Showing EG my office

(24) A call from Uncle T

(25) And so much more including YOU!!

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