Sunday Blessings 110

(1) Chatting with my friend RW on messenger. Thanks for the great chat friend.

(2) A surprise call from my friend LA. Totally made my day!! Cant wait to see her in a few weeks.

(3) Texting with my friend MW.

(4) A fantastic day with my Word and Service sisters. Such a fantastic day!!

(5) Meeting a new friend and driving to Biz with her and her doggy.

(6) Voxing with my friend TM.

(7) Texting CT. I miss you friend! It’s been too long.

(8) Texting with EG

(9) LYO Board meeting. So fun to get to know these youth. Great group of kids.

(10) During children’s time today, I asked how everyone was and one of my fave kids responded with “good.” It totally made my day. This little girl has had quite a journey since her birth and she is making so much progress.

(11) Sitting on the floor and blowing bubbles with CM.

(12) Making pipe cleaner glasses with the Family SS kiddos.

(13) Talking to momma on the phone. It’s been awhile.

(14) More LLR fun. LK, I blame you!!!

(15) Lots of interaction during the children’s sermon today.

(16) Starbucks coffee and chocolate chip cookie dough cake pops. A nice Friday treat.

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