Sunday Blessings 109

(1) A beautiful sunset

(2) Beer and Hymns with EG, KG, LL and PK.

(3) Getting back into a workout routine.

(4) More Christmas cards

(5) One of my fave little boys stopping me and giving me a hug.

(6) Some of my SS kiddos talking my ear off.

(7) A great night at FLY

(8) The People’s Choice Awards

(9) Doing circle Bible study at one of the local nursing homes.

(10) Voxes from KA, MG and TM.

(11) First FMF Twitter party of the new year.

(12) Out doing errands and run into a friend; MH.

(13) A phone call from my daddy

(14) Trying out our new Tim Hortons

(15) A warm house on a frigidly cold day

(16) A children’s sermon based on my friend Laura and the mat carriers text.

(17) A Saturday night movie; finally watched The Social Network

(18) My car starting in this frigid cold

(19) Chili cheese Fritos

(20) The Golden Globe Awards

See you next week friends!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 109

    • It really was a beautiful week. Beet and Hymns is an event that is held on the first Mondays of the month in a town about an hour and a half from me. Four pastors have a band called "All Rev'd Up." We meet at a local bar/restaurant to sing hymns and drink beer. But most of the people don't even drink, they just come to sing hymns. Its so much fun! The restaurant is normally closed on Mondays, but they open up for us.

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