Sunday Blessings 108

(1) Watching Monday Night Football with Dad, Cork and Ann.

(2) A fun text from a friend with some cool news.

(3) Grandma making Ann and I dumplings!!!

(4) Texting with EG, MW, STM etc

(5) STM texting me a sweet pic of Lucy!! Love!!!!

(6) Test driving Uncle Terry’s old car to see if I want to use it for awhile.

(7) Listening to Gma and Gpa talk in German.

(8) Driving with Dad to Ellendale.

(9) Eating lunch at the cafe with Daddy.

(10) RRS depositing my check for me. Thank you sweet friend!

(11) Looking over and seeing Gma and Gpa holding hands.

(12) Ringing in the New Year with Gma and Gpa.

(13) A cool moon

(14) Watching the Rose Bowl parade with Gpa.

(15) Completing living a A year of brave

(16) New Years Lunch and supper at the farm and more Rook playing.

(17) Driving my “new to me” car home.

(18) Rice Krispies, chocolate chip cookies, pickles, sausage sent home with me from Gma!

(19) Lots of fun mail; Christmas cards, a package from Grace Glimmers and snail mail party.

(20) Finding Christmas goodies in my office.

(21) A great morning of worship

(22) A sweet thank you gift from a friend.

(23) A great day for a drive

(24) Writing a poem and framing it for my dear friend.

(25) Erin’s ordination!!!!

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