Sunday Blessings 107

(1) Staff lunch at Primo

(2) Finishing some Christmas shopping.

(3) Dad and Ann coming to rescue me when my car died 30 mins from home.

(4) A kind stranger helping tow my car into town so I could at least wait at the cafe.

(5) Good Samaritans who stopped and checked to see if help was on the way and if I was ok.

(6) Dad, Ann and I towing my car to town.

(7) Christmas Candlelight Service at church.

(8) Uncle T singing one of my fave songs at that service as special music “Mary Did You Know?”

(9) Opening presents; so many blessings. Love them all. Two of my faves; a sister necklace/bracelet from my sis and a keyboard for my iPad.

(10) Christmas Dinner

(11) Meeting Baby Jaren and playing with him.

(12) Seeing Leslye and crew and visiting with them.

(13) The longest craziest Rook game of the century! So fun!!

(14) Watermelon candy cane

(15) Watching Erin Brokovich and Blind Side with my sissy.

(16) It’s cold but the sun finally came out. So good to see a blue sky.

(17) Huskers win the Foster Farms Bowl!!!!! Go Big Red!!!!

(18) Voxing with my faves.

(19) Watching FB with my dad and sissy.

(20) A treat of getting to sleep in.

(21) Texting with my faves

(22) And in 2015, YOU!!! You all have been blessings in my life.

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