Sunday Blessings 104

(1) A fun Luluroe Facebook party and getting a fun new outfit.

(2) Community gathered far and wide grieving our dearly beloved friend Laura.

(3) A great renewal team meeting

(4) Texting with MW.

(5) A sweet Vox from MG

(6) Hugs from KG and one of our sweet church ladies.

(7) A sweet call from MW to check on me.

(8) A great potluck with the LCM board. So much fun!!

(9) Circle Bible study at the nursing home.

(10) Two of my Confirmation students wearing yellow to class not knowing that it was one of Laura’s fave colors.

(11) Spying sunflowers randomly throughout the week reminding me of sweet Laura.

(12) Finally getting Rend Collective’s Campfire Christmas cd.

(13) Dickens Festival with momma

(14) Jamaica Me Crazy Steel Drum Band.

(15) Running into my friends RP and NP and getting to hug NP.

(16) Holding a three week old baby.

(17)Lots of hugs especially from some of my fave kiddos.

(18) A gorgeous 50 degree day

(19) A PLN!! (A post liturgical nap) That felt so good!!

(20) YOU!!

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