A Sudden Burst of Rain

Today was a fairly eventful day. The local county fair has been going on for the past couple of days here. This morning I rode on our church’s parade float. I dont know for some reason I still get a kick out of riding on parade floats but I think its probably because Im such a kid at heart and always will be. Once the parade was over and I got the youth back to their parents, I came home and ended up taking a little nap. After my nap, I decided I should wander over to the fairgrounds which just happen to be across the street from my apartment building. I hadnt eaten anything so I decided to get a taco in a bag. YUMMY YUMMY! After that, I wandered over the carnival area which was sad. There wasnt much there at all. I played a game and won a little bear. I was going to ride on the scrambler but no scrambler in sight. Sorry Heather…couldnt ride it for you! I worked my way over to some of the exhibit halls and walked around for awhile. At 5 pm they had a free dinner so I hopped in line and had a nice supper of a hamburger, chips, pickles, and lemonade. Once the dinner was over, I decided to run home to grab some more money. I had been eyeing a charm bracelet all day and decided that I really wanted it. You know sometimes you just have to treat yourself so I did! I got my bracelet and then headed over to the stage area. I was hoping to hear a band called Rocky Top but they double booked so another guy Sherman Linton who is a Johnny Cash Tribute guy played. I listened to him until Williams and Ree;The Indian and The White Guy came on. After Williams and Ree, I decided to head over to the concession stands. When I got there, there were tons of people in line. I only had a dollar left and it was fairly chilly so I bought myself a nice warm french vanilla cappucino. As I was beginning to drink my cappucino, I started to think about whether or not I wanted to go get more money so I could buy some cotton candy. You know cotton candy is one of those things I love to get especially at fairs. As I was standing there, out of the blue came a burst of rain and the people began to scattered. I started walking home with my cappucino in my hand. By this time, it was raining pretty hard and if I hadnt had my hooded sweatshirt on, I would have been drenched. So needless to say, I came home, nuked my cappucino and dried off. So that was my busy day. Tomorrow I get installed at my church so it should be a good day. Someone is bringing my mom up from where she lives so that is cool. But enough about that…I should head to bed but before I head to bed, I have to give a quick shout out and congratulations to my good friend Liz who gets ordained tomorrow afternoon. Liz, so wish I could be there but know that I will be thinking of you and wishing I was there. It is pretty awesome that we get to share a day though. Well thats enough for today…now off to bed for this tired girl.

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