Strong Women Friday Five

1. Name a woman author you very much love to read—There are too many to name! Jodi Picoult! But my favorite so far is Alison Arngrim who played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Her book called “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” made me laugh, cry, etc!

2. Name a woman from the Bible with whom you would like to enjoy a nice long coffee talk–Hmmm I think it would be Mary!

3. Name a famous woman from history with whom you would like to have lunch—Mother Theresa

4. Name a living famous or infamous woman with whom you would like to go out to dinner—My momma! My wonderful women friends! Too many to name!

5. If you could be SuperWoman (o.k., I know you already ARE) what three special powers would you like to have? (1) That I could bring about peace to the world (2) That I could stop bullying the moment it started (3) That I could bring joy to all the world!

4 thoughts on “Strong Women Friday Five

  1. would love to be able to stop bullying!

    Do you have to have watched Little House on the Prairie to like that book? Because I heart heart heart the title, but never watched that…wondering if I should look for the book at the library or find a way to watch the show first.

  2. lots of Marys today, and my choice of a bible woman, Miriam, also is a Mary. I loved watching Little House on the Prairie, mostly for the clothes and the beautiful setting, so maybe I need to read the book, too? Lunch with your Mom and your woman friends–what could be better than that? thanks for playing!

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