Still Waiting It Out

It’s weird! I am so ready to settle down and yet there is no man in site. Maybe it’s because I work a lot or maybe its because I’m not really trying. Who knows? Here I am almost 30 years old…yeah hard to believe Ill be 30 exactly a month from tomorrow crazy huh. It’s hard as all my friends are getting married or having babies. I have like 6-8 friends who are expecting in the coming months. I am so happy and excited for them but I want it to be me too. Sorry I feel like I’m talking about this a lot but it is a good way for me to speak my opinion/feelings. I am just waiting…and maybe Im trying to hard. I also wonder if I need to actively try harder at meeting people…you know going out of my way to new places, city events etc to meet people. However sometimes when I come home from a long day, I am tired and it is hard for me to go back out again if you know what I mean. I just want to stay home and watch tv or whatever. Maybe I should try something like E-Harmony or something. I guess Ill just have to continue to wait and pray for God to bring a special man into my life. And for now, I guess Ill just have to buck it up and continue waiting it out!

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting It Out

  1. Hey “T”

    When I was 29, it seemed to me that I would never get married; then, at age 30, I was married. My wife at age 38 never thought that she would marry; then, by age 39 she was married (to me, of course).

    After five years of trying to have children, we finally resigned ourselves to the fact that it probably was not going to happen. We even paid an expert doctor to do all the tests on us and he concluded that it would be virtually impossible for us to have children. It turns out that Kathy was pregnant at the time.

    I know not everything works out like it did for us; however, sometimes things come from the strangest of places and times.

    Having just turned 40, I can tell you that it is not scarier that 30 was. 🙂

  2. Oh, do I relate to what you’ve said here!!! I, too, was “still single” at 30 and yet I didn’t feel called to be single, either. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my $0.02:

    When it comes to what you “should” do, I think you should do those things that interest you, that connect with your calling and your passions. If that means traveling or trying new activities, do them because you enjoy them on their own merits, not just to meet “him.” If that means trying eHarmony so you feel like you’re trying harder, then fine. But remember that you’re not just waiting for someone else to start a life … you’re building your life now. And if you’re content and thriving in your own life, you’ll be all the more prepared to welcome someone special in to share it when the time comes.

    BTW – it used to bug me when people would say things like “It will happen when you least expect it” or “You’ll know the right one when it happens” or anything along those lines. Trouble is, they turned out to be right … You know my story!! Keep the faith.

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