Sticking Up For Those We Love

I don’t get upset or mad easily and I often don’t hold grudges but this week I must admit I was put to the test when a friend was judged on another individual’s blog. I think I was mostly upset because this individual was judging my friend despite the fact that they had never met. I along with many other friends stood up for our friend. We know that he has many awesome gifts for ministry and will make a superb pastor. We felt that it was important for us to try and speak the truth in love to this blogger. When I saw how all of us stood up for our friend, I couldn’t help but think of the power of these relationships. We weren’t going to let our friend be hurt. We felt it was important to stick up for someone we truly love and care about. When I think of how we were there for our friend, it makes me wonder what kind of a family member or friend are we? Do we stick up for those we love? Do those that love us stick up for us? Can you think of a time when someone (or several people) stood up for you? Lets share some stories of friends looking out for friends or family members looking out for family members!

One thought on “Sticking Up For Those We Love

  1. I’ll tell you a story! When I was younger, I was abnormally short. Well, one day, this younger kid started making fun of me and making me very upset. So, all of my friends went over to him and told him they better stop picking on me, OR ELSE! (This was a LOOONG time ago). SO, that kid stopped picking on me, and eventually I grew. No one who meets me now ever would suspect I was the runt. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!

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