The Stars Are Aligned

I was just thinking about the song “Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay. In the song (that is if Im remembering correctly), it talks about worlds colliding as well. Its funny how lately it seems like some of my worlds have collided and how awesome that has been! When I was at seminary, I spent a lot of my senior year hanging out with this year’s seniors because my classmates were all on internship. I made a lot of really great friendships that year and am super excited to go back in a few weeks for my retread! This year a friend of mine who worked with me at camp decided to go to the Mothership. The other day she posted pics of her and another one of my friends. It was such a surreal moment for me and Im not sure why. I mean I know they all live on the same campus etc but it was kind of strange to see them in a pic without me! But it is super exciting that they too have been blessed with each other’s friendships. They both have been such gifts in my life. But that is only one of the examples, one of my dear friends who has been in Japan teaching English for the last couple of years returns back to the States on March 14th. The funny thing is I just found out that another friend has decided to apply and from her description, it sounds like it might be the same program H has been doing in Japan for the last couple years. Crazy how that happens huh?!?! It absolutely puts a smile on my face to see parts of my world collide! In a lot of ways, its like the stars of aligned and these things are suppose to happen! WOOO HOOO!

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