Some Sunday Grace

I am a huge fan of the Christian band Jars of Clay.

On Wednesday I was preparing for my 7th Grade Confirmation class. In the lesson, we were talking about Martin Luther and the Reformation. This curriculum uses a song, movie clip, etc each week. The song for that day’s lesson was the song “Grace” by Jars of Clay. As we listened to the song, I thought what a perfect song/video for my Sunday post this week.

The chorus to the song goes like this: “I feel your grace come running over every road, I love the way you’re calling overflow, I feel your grace come running over every road, You break the floodgates down and carry all.”

May you let these words spill over you today and every day knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for us all!

12 thoughts on “Some Sunday Grace

  1. Thanks for sharing that video! I've heard them before; but I don't recall having heard this particular song…I listen to Christian radio everytime I'm in the car and have several that really hit home! Good that this one worked into your class!

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