Some of My Favorite Things (Christmas Music Edition)

I have been following some blogging friends as they have participated in Blogmas and today’s question is what is your favorite Christmas music. I have not played along until now, but today I knew that I had to play a long. I know that not everyone loves Christmas music…..(gasp)…but I am a lover of Christmas music. Immediately after Christmas, I turn on my Pandora holiday station, pull out my Christmas cds, and literally enjoying listening to those songs through the entire season of Advent and Christmas and even into Epiphany. And to be honest, I have been known to sneak in a few listens on my holiday Pandora station a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

I enjoy sitting in front of my Christmas tree with the Christmas music blaring in the background. One of my traditions is to pull out my Christmas cds and listen to them while I put up my decorations. The first cd EVERY YEAR to come out is Go Fish’s cd “More than a Story.” I love that during the song “More than a Story” the words to the Christmas story are being read while the music plays. It is a wonderful reminder to me of the true reason for this season; to be reminded that I have been ravished by God’s amazing love.

In addition, I love Go Fish’s other cd “Christmas with a Capital C” and own it. I also own Jars of Clay’s Christmas CD “Christmas Songs.” I own Michael W. Smith’s cd “It’s a Wonderful Christmas.” And that is only a fraction of my collection!

I love adding new Christmas music to my collection. In fact, I currently am on the hunt for the new Christmas Cd by Rend Collective Experiment titled Campfire Christmas. I know that I can get it on I-tunes but my local Christian bookstore does not have it and cannot get it from any of its distributors. So if you see it somewhere let me know so I can go get it. Rend Collective’s sound reminds me so much of Mumford and Sons sound. It would totally make my day if I could get that cd! 🙂 
Hope you enjoy my selections. What are some of your favorites?

8 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Things (Christmas Music Edition)

  1. Casting Crowns Christmas, A Soulful Celebration (Handal's Messiah), Josh Grobin, All of Amy Grant's Christmas CDs…..I could go on and one. My husband 'lets' me listen to Christmas music in October (in the car only, and if I'm driving 😉 ).

    • Thanks for sharing your list. I will have to check out the Casting Crown Christmas. Too fun that your husband "lets" you listen to Christmas music in October in the car and if you are driving. 🙂

    • Tobi, thanks for stopping by. I did not know that I can listen to that album on youtube. I am going to have to check them out. Thanks for linking to my post in your Advent Inspiration post! 🙂

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