A Smattering of Tidbits

Today has been a FULL day; full of lots of activities. Days like this remind me of how truly I feeled to this community of faith and how awesome life is. But then silly things happen that are pretty much out of my control. And when those things happen, I am reminded of how important it is to remember the blessings in my life.

First, the photograph we hired to do Confirmation pictures didnt show and the church office manager called to confirm etc. GRRR….so we ended up punting and taking pics on the church camera etc. Makes me so sad! Then we asked the 9th graders to help serve the banquet because they will be confirmed next year. Somehow the parents didn’t realize they needed to be there too but it all worked out!

So instead of thinking about these things, Im going to reflect on the blessings of today—

1. Getting a picture from one of my favorite three year olds (Thanks C)

2. Getting high-fives from all the three year olds at our Prayer Milestone

3. Registering some youth for the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering

4. Having a friend make faces at me from the back of the sanctuary while I was helping Pr. M with communion (She is such an instigator. I was trying so hard not to laugh!)

5. Making Wild Rice Soup from the new church cookbook

6. Eating that Wild Rice Soup

7. Catching up with my shows from the past week; especially Glee!

8. Walking outside after church into a pouring rain, I couldnt help but smile as I thought about the little girl Pastor M just baptized and it also reminded me of my Baptism!

9. Talking to my fave sister online for a few minutes!

10. Being reminded of how awesome God is. I think of my dear friend who is awaiting results from her doctor to see if she has cancer. On her carepage, she talks about how we arent that far apart because God can see us both. I love that image!!

God bless my dear friends and readers!

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